What Traveling To The Southwestern United States Taught Me About Home Decor


Southwestern Home Decor Is a Unique Style That I Have Really Fallen In Love With

Since the dawn of time, man has had the inherent need to put his own spin on things. We as humans like to see things that look like they were made specifically for us, as they make us feel like an individual that is set-apart from the rest, and such distinction makes us feel valued and unique. Variety and customization are flat out just the spice of life that makes us who we are and tells people a lot of what our preferences are, and it is not much better exemplified than through interior design. How you keep your house decorated makes it your own home as opposed to just four walls and a roof that protects you from the elements. The lack of personal decoration such as photographs, heirlooms, sports team items, etc., is what gives a model home that weird, uneasy feeling as you are walking through them.

It just feels alien in nature. Decor also matters for keeping one’s mentality and mental health on a good functioning plane when away from home. Decoration makes us who we are, as do the other areas of our life that we customize. As my old art teacher always said, art is everywhere. From paintings to carpets to shelves to framed photographs, we find ways to spice up our things. We do this by decorating! When you think of decorating, you may correlate words like hobby or pastime, but in reality, decor is a lot more than that.

Decorations not only include bright colors and aesthetic design, but traditional details originating from more than we may realize. In some pieces, you may find tribal patterns and in others, you may find Greek scrolling. Even national flags and prideful symbols are found in decorations. What you may not recognize is that these could’ve originated from centuries ago and our founding fathers, and we use them to create inviting environments in our homes, schools, and businesses. Something as simple as an accent wall or a decorative carpet can improve the entire essence of a room.

The White House wouldn’t be quite right without our national flag standing on its lawn, just as our streets and sidewalks wouldn’t look quite as nice without their street lamps, awnings and flower pots, just as our homes wouldn’t be quite as welcoming without their wall hangings and warm shag carpets, just as… the list goes on and on. Bringing style to something is a great way to express what it is and show personality. We’ve created famous buildings and monuments just with their unique and detailed decor. Decorations matter just as the utilities in your home. We subtly pick out pieces and arrange them in our homes representing who we are. With them, we are able to create moods, camouflage possible imperfections, and show a sense of character. The places you decorate are places where you, your loved ones, friends and visitors spend time.

And of this couldn’t have been truer than when I recently visited the Southwestern USA with all of the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes I experienced there. But what struck me most was the Southwestern style of home decor that I saw there. It was bright, intricate, nostalgic, and so full of life! I’m in love. If you’re not aware, be sure to do a little research because I’m sure you’ll find it as mesmerizing as I did.