Using CBD Oil to Aid Sports Recovery

As an athlete, you need as many ‘edges’ as you can get if you want to remain competitive. One thing that a lot of people are adding into their arsenal these days is CBD oil. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, and it offers a lot of the benefits that people can enjoy from medical marijuana, but without the ‘high’ that comes from THC.

CBD oil is particularly good for performance athletes because it can help to reduce inflammation and therefore improve recovery times and help to ward off injury. Taking CBD oil after a workout can help both your mind and your body to relax. If you’re someone that finds themselves ‘buzzing’ too much after a competitive match or game then CBD could help with that. It can also help to prevent a lot of the struggles with soreness that can come after intensive training.

CBD oil can help with:

Pain and inflammation

CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory that helps to reduce the production of cytokines, which means that you will feel less sore after workouts, and any minor nagging injuries you have should recover more quickly.


Sleep and Relaxation

Cannabinoids are sometimes used to help treat insomnia. If you want to perform at your best you need to make sure that you are getting enough sleep, and one way that you can improve your sleep is by using CBD oil in the evenings to help you relax. When you are getting your required sleep each night you will benefit from better tissue repair and strength gains, and better mental clarity too.



CBD has been found to have benefits for protecting the brain, which could help to improve your mental clarity and your overall performance. At the moment there is not a sufficient body of evidence to support the idea that using cannabis could help to reduce the risk of brain injury for athletes whot rain in sports where head impacts may happen it is still something that some people are willing to try because there are no known side effects to CBD use so there is nothing to lose.


Appetite Booster

If you are a strength athlete and you are trying to ‘bulk’ then it is important that you eat sufficient calories. Many people find that exercising is an appetite suppressant so it is important that you pay attention to how much you are eating. CBD is not going to give you ‘the munchies’ in the same way that cannabis with THC in it would, but it can help a little bit and since it is a much milder substance and one that is more socially acceptable around the world it is useful.

You can take CBD oil sublingually, add it to your food or use confectionary that is imbued with it. Try to get full spectrum CBD if you can, since this will include some of the other phytochemicals from the plant, and these substances may work together to provide greater overall potency and make the oil more beneficial.