Great Travel Tips For 2018

Are you planning a vacation, breakaway or amazing travel trip this year? If you are we have no doubt that you are very excited about your future plans! Of course, we all want our travel to run smoothly, to have an amazing time and to come home with lots of great memories to share with everyone. That is why we are going to share a few great travel tips from the Online Luggage Shop – best cabin luggage 2018 with you. We hope you enjoy them!

The Royal Wedding

Sometimes, large public events can really affect your travel plans. One huge event for Europe this year is the royal wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle in the Spring. So if your travel trips are going to take you to, or through, any London airport around May 19th you should expect more of a police presence and potentially more security. Keep these points in mind in case they delay or disrupt your travel plans in any way.



US Airport Security

All Americans who are traveling by air in the US are going to need a ‘Real ID Compliant’ license or another suitable document. This means there may be delays at airports while this new system gets underway. If you are in any doubt you should make sure that you get to the airport earlier than usual so that you are not affected by long lines or long waits for security.

Avoid Areas Of Political Unrest

As we saw in 2017, our world isn’t always a safe place to travel freely in. If you want to avoid putting yourself in unnecessary danger it is certainly recommended to avoid areas of political unrest. Since these locations can change it is best to keep up to date with current events and check potential destinations with a reputable travel agent. For the year 2018, we recommend not taking any risks with your safety; if in doubt, leave it out!

Indeed, many of us love to travel and for good reason. Travel opens up incredible opportunities,s allows us to experience new cultures, sights, and sounds and often provides quality time with the people who are important to us. If you are planning to travel in 2018 we hope that the above tips will come in useful. Wherever you are going and whatever you are doing be sure to take plenty of pictures along the way and make some amazing memories!